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Re: Little BIG problem with Backbone

Am Freitag 09 April 2004 16:03 schrieb Michelle Konzack:
> Hello,

Hi :)

> [...]
> Now my Question:
> Creating a Local GBit-Network in Marocco is generaly no Problem, it
> is not a big difference between it and my local network, exept I need
> a little bit more cable.

in theory this is correct, but you should think about good manageable 
switches, so that you can build vlans. Without vlans your security in your 
network is not so good, because every computer can arpspoof and so sniff in 
the traffic of the other ips/nets you have conntected to the switch. Even 
Man-in-the-middle attacks are possible, if you don't think about vlans. You 
can also bind only fixed MAC Addresses to the switch ports, so that nobody 
can spoof another MAC/ARP of others, but I would prefer vlans :)

> BUT how does it work with the Connection to the Internet, exactly to
> the other Backbones ?

okay... in short: You need to contact the ripe and ask them for an "AS" Number 
and for an IP-Network for you.

If you got you own AS Number, you can configure your cisco router (or every 
other router which is able to use BGP (routing-protocol)) to annouce this AS 
to the next AS (which normaly is the AS of your uplink (Maroc Telecom for 
example). The AS of your uplink will annouce your AS to his next AS and so 
on, until every AS in the world nows how to reach your AS.

And you can announce over this AS Path your IPs (you got from the RIPE).

After you made this, you should be reachable from all over the world...

> Any Informations are Welcome...

I can only give you a short overview over the things you need... (bgp router, 
AS-Number, IP-Network). But you should inform yourself on other internet 
sites... just search for: "bgp" which stands for "border gateway protocol" or 
AS. Even the ripe site should be quite informative.  

In short: BGP is the protocol that makes the internet work, because all 
provider use this protocoll for their dynamic routing.

With bgp you can also use multiple uplinks, even with the same network. So 
that you can send and recieve pakets for you network over two uplinks for 
example. This can be used for redundancy and for combining multiple uplinks 
(if you need a lot of bandwidth)
> Greetings and nice Easter.
> Michelle

Hope I could help you a bit.

-- Ralph

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