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Re: Little BIG problem with Backbone

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello,
> because I am in paning of a CyberCenter Network in Marocco the idea is
> exploding !!! Exactly, I need very much Backbone-Power which can not
> provided from the "Maroc Telecom"

Aren't there other providers? I remember many routes to Morocco using Seabone. You can find a contact at http://www.tisparkle.it/contacts.htm And I know also Sprint has a PoP available in Morocco. There should be more. What about France Telecom, Telenor and Telefonica?

Of course you should plan your CyberCenter close to an important crossroads of telecom infrastructure since Maroc Telecom will probably charge a lot for leased lines with such high bandwidth while you actually need dark fiber.

kind regards,

Richard Zuidhof

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