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Re: using hp proliant ml 330

I got it work, but I was trying to make boot floppies so I could load the
drivers from the install cd, so I could install direct on it.
Could not find directions on this anywhere, or how to compile it
statically in the kernel.

Markus Oswald said:
> The Controller used in the ProLiant ML330 series is an IDE-RAID and most
> of the logic is not done by the controller but by the driver itself.
> So performance will probably suck...

My links refer to source to compile the drivers as a module.
It's gpl released.

> The controller will need proprietary drivers as AMI wants to protect
> their "intellectual property" - despite RAID0/1 being quite simple...
> As Lucas wrote, you CAN use it with Debian, but I would advise against
> it. Updating the kernel will be more work and you cannot even quickly
> recover your system with Knoppix (or something alike) because of the
> proprietary modules.
> We ditched our ML330 after a few days and replaced it with a DL380 - a
> little bit more expensive, but worth the money.
It seems to have good enough performance for us.
We are using for weather modeling website, which just requires mysql and php.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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