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using hp proliant ml 330

I recently received a hp proliant ml 330 which I installed redhat and then
debian linux on it.
I requires the megaide modules to see the raid disks correctly.
They can be compiled from source, from this location.(see below.)

I could not determine how to compile them statically into the kernel,
or create driver disks for a bf24 install.

So I had to intall redhat linux and then debootstrap into a debian
install, after I had recompiled the kernel and loaded the driver module
via initrd.


install redhat linux
boot machine
install debootstrap
install debian
download megaide kernel
download 2.4.25 kernel
copy extra megaide directory to
so it's a subdirectory of scsi.
edit makefile to include megaide section
config kernel,
make megaide include and cramfs,initrd ext3 scsis support.
compile megaide kernel
make dep bzImage megaide modules modules_install
install kernel
boot debian install.
configure debian

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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