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Re: using hp proliant ml 330

Am Do, den 08.04.2004 schrieb Lucas Albers um 20:09:
> I got it work, but I was trying to make boot floppies so I could load the
> drivers from the install cd, so I could install direct on it.
> Could not find directions on this anywhere, or how to compile it
> statically in the kernel.

As far as I can remember you couldn't compile the drive statically in
the kernel - probably due to licensing issues.
I should be possible to put into the '/boot' directory on a floppy and
load it during the setup process (i.e. preload modules from floppy).

> > The Controller used in the ProLiant ML330 series is an IDE-RAID and most
> > of the logic is not done by the controller but by the driver itself.
> > So performance will probably suck...
> My links refer to source to compile the drivers as a module.
> It's gpl released.

I just took a look at the files I got from LSI (who now own AMI) and the
driver is half GPL, half proprietary.

Quoting megaide-shimdriver-readme.txt:
LSI Logic's Shim driver has its raid intelligence as binary file
megaide_lib.o and the rest of the driver is open. megaide_lib.o can be
build with the open source to get driver image megaide.o.

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