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Outlook and Qmail

I am having a problem with one of my customers who is using Outlook 2000
SP-3 to connect to our Qmail server.  When downloading messages from his POP
account, Outlook will hang.  It is most likely a corrupted message, since he
can delete the messages using a webmail interface, and then continue to
download messages.  He has been using McAfee's SpamKiller, but now, even
when he turns it off he has the same problem.  He has even deleted his
account and recreated it (this is a virtual domain, so he can login as
Postmaster and do that).

Has anyone run into this problem?  I know at least one other ISP having the
same problem with some of his customers, but we have not found a solution
yet.  Any pointers will be appreciated.

Anil Gupte

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