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Re: backup software: Legato's Networker, Veritas' NetBackup, or IBM's Tivoli?

I have been using Veritas Netbackup under Solaris (server) with solaris,
NT and Linux clients at work and it is a large, complex, and difficult
to set up package, with quirks. However it works extremely well for very
large setups once setup the overhead is worth it (tape management,
restore convenience).

I don't see anything unreasonable about network backup software "running
as root" and "opening a port up", in fact I would expect it to do that!
The software comes with a plethora of documentation, both printed and in
PDF format with the box and on the web, not too mention the "help" pages
available on the java admin console, and mailing list archives detailing
scripted extensions, reporting, various tricky performance tuning issues

ObDebian : the NetBackup4.5 client is not officially supported for
debian Linux  AFAIK but works perfectly under deb/unstable if you find
and install libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1_2.91.66-4.deb

> I didn't like Veritas' software at all -- it worked (moderately) under
> Linux by running as root and opening a port up.  There was little
> documentation at all, and absolutely nothing about its security.
> That scares me.
> -Ed

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