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backup software: Legato's Networker, Veritas' NetBackup, or IBM's Tivoli?

Hello List,

Our network has grown to the point where managing a plethora of
different backup software packages is consuming too much operator time. 
I'm looking at moving to a sole platform for all our Debian (x86),
Solaris (sparc), and Windows (x86) servers.  

So far, I've trialled Legato's Networker 7.1, and Veritas' NetBackup 5.0
code, with IBM scheduled to drop off a media kit for Tivoli Storage
Manager 5.2.2 in a day or so.  

I'm reasonably satisfied that all packages can handle a somewhat complex
installation, with three backup servers in three separate locations.
They can all handle backing up Oracle DBs, and Exchange mailboxes
without taking these systems offline.  

I am now rather stuck in my decision process.  While some have more
(Netbackup) have more polished gui's than others (Networker), this is
far from a sufficient reason to drop any of the vendors from my list.  

Hence I'd like to know if anyone on the list has had any particularly
good or bad experiences with any of the three packages.  

Any notes regarding client support for Debian would be great, although
so far, alien has done a fine job of converting redhat enterprise rpm's
to woody .deb's.  Note that the backup servers will be sun/solaris
boxes, to avoid both software support issues with running the servers on
an unsupported linux distro, and to avoid having to bring in Suse or
Redhat enterprise in our Debian world.  

I'm also interested in how autonomously the different packages operate
once properly installed and configured.  I'm investigating the addition
of Verita's Global Data Manager, or Legato's Network Management Console
if we go with either of those as a means of further reducing the time
that operators spend fussing with backups.  


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