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Re: [OT] which DSU for an E1

Am 2004-04-05 14:46:06, schrieb Andrew Miehs:
>Hi Michelle,
>You should be able to use the G.703 interface on the 3Com NETBuilder,
>but you need to find out if it supports the signaling that Morocan Telecom

Yes,  I know, and it works with the Maroc Telecom, but the main 
problem is, that teh "HSS G.703" modul has only one port.

>The other modules, like Kentrox usually have X.21 on the rear, so you
>would need to have a router with an X.21 Interface...
>Does the 3Com stuff really work?

Yes, the "HSS 4-port WAN" module has FLEXWAN adapter cable for RS-232, 
RS-449, V.35, X.21 and EIA-530

So I can choose the FLEXWAN-X.21 Cable if I get them !

>A Kentrox DataSMART 456 should do the trick if you need x.21 on the other

I was on the website, but they are realy expensive !

>The DigitalLink (now quickeagle) also work ok.

This will I check out now...

>As for using the G.703 card on the 3Com... You are very reliant on 3com to
>provide you with BUG free software, that it doesnt keep dropping the line.
>(Bad experience with intergrated cards from Cisco.)

I do not know, because it is my first experience with WAN's of this 
dimension. The OC-3 in Paris/France is managed by <http://www.amen.fr/> 
and the two E3 in Kehl/Germany by UUnet, so I have no stress with it. 

But now it is quiet different...
Fortunately I have gotten most for free... (val. around 300.000 Euro)

Question:   If I have curently no E1, can I connect the 
	    two DSU-Modem to each other for testing ?
	    Or do I need the ISP's E1 between ?

My "NETBuilder II" is up and running and the "NETBuilder Office Connect 
221 Boundary Router" to. So I need to test it...

The 3Com Service does not respond to my questions  :-/



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