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[OT] which DSU for an E1


after some days walking ghostly though Google and Internet must I ask 
here maybe somone can help me. 

I have some 3Com "NETBuilder II" with modules like "G.703" (E1), 
"RS-449" (E1), "HSS 4-port WAN" (4 x E1), "HSSI" (E3) and 5 "MP ATMLink 

Three of the "NETBuilder II" (8-Slot) will be the Basestations in Moroc for 
a Debian-Powered CyberCenter Network. Each "NETBuilder II" will get on the 
ISP's side two E3 and to each other  NETBuilder II" one E1. 

>From the "NETBuilder II" are going other E1 to outside InternetCafes which 
are equiped with "NETBuilder Remote Office 221" (Boundary Router, 2 MBit) 
or "NETBuilder II" (4-Slot, max 4 x 2 MBit).

Can anyone tell me, which DSU I need ?
I was on the Websites of Kentrox, ADC, Adtron and CTCU but they are 
confusing me

All what I know curently is, that the Maroc Telecom the G.703 supposts.

Now I do not like to buy or rent the stuff because it is in Maroc between 
3 and 6 times more expensive as in France or Germany.

And if I use Linux then I like to get the Routers and Connection cheeper 
too, exactly, I need to know which Type of Product I need to get it 
cheeper on <http://www.ebay.de/>.

Please note, that the CyberCenter Network is a non-profit Enterprise. 
So all what I need must bee cheep.

Have a nice Week

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