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Re: [OT] which DSU for an E1

Hi Michelle,

You should be able to use the G.703 interface on the 3Com NETBuilder,
but you need to find out if it supports the signaling that Morocan Telecom
The other modules, like Kentrox usually have X.21 on the rear, so you
would need to have a router with an X.21 Interface...
Does the 3Com stuff really work?

A Kentrox DataSMART 456 should do the trick if you need x.21 on the other
The DigitalLink (now quickeagle) also work ok.


As for using the G.703 card on the 3Com... You are very reliant on 3com to
provide you with BUG free software, that it doesnt keep dropping the line.
(Bad experience with intergrated cards from Cisco.)


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