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Re: Sendmail & access restrictions

Stephen Gran said:
> relay).  What I want to do is not accept mail unless it comes from one
> of a few IP's, or is authenticated.  Say the domain is foo.com, and this
> servers hostname is mail.foo.com.  It is not listed as an MX record, so
> no legitimate emails should ever arrive there, only spams and viruses
> and whatnot.  However, any mail that arrives for user@mail.foo.com is
> accepted, since sendmail knows that it _is_ mail.foo.com.  I want to
> reject these, and only accept mail that is authed, or coming in through
> one of the frontend machines.  I can't just do it with iptables, because
> of the roaming users.

This is trivial to do with mimedefang-sendmail.
I do it already.
You can also verify that all mail sent from your domain actually is from a
user that exists in your domain.
and mimedefang can use clam too!
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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