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Sendmail & access restrictions

Hello all,

We're in the process of locking down access to various services on a
network, and one of the things we want to do is lock down sendmail a
little.  We are migrating a box from being the front-end mail machine,
with the SASL database and all of the other user info on it, to being a
backend machine that only does two things: receive mail from front-end
machines for the local domain, and relay mail that has used SMTP-AUTH.
I think I'm being dense, but I can't figure out how to do something like
the following in /etc/mail/access:

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: OK # front-end machine 1
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxy: OK # front-end machine 2
[ . . . ]

I would like the above logic, but still have local mail (cron jobs, etc)
work somehow.  Anybody set this kind of thing up before?  I know how to
do it in exim4 (or at least have rough ideas), but I can't figure out
how to do the logic for sendmail.

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