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RE: Sendmail & access restrictions

Here some straightforward methods for sendmail:

You want to restrict to some IP's?


(You don't need sendmailconfig here!)

Or to authenticated users?


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Ah, I see the problem - it's not _relaying_ alone I want to reject
(we've got the auth part straightened out already, and we're not an open
relay).  What I want to do is not accept mail unless it comes from one
of a few IP's, or is authenticated.  Say the domain is foo.com, and this
servers hostname is mail.foo.com.  It is not listed as an MX record, so
no legitimate emails should ever arrive there, only spams and viruses
and whatnot.  However, any mail that arrives for user@mail.foo.com is
accepted, since sendmail knows that it _is_ mail.foo.com.  I want to
reject these, and only accept mail that is authed, or coming in through
one of the frontend machines.  I can't just do it with iptables, because
of the roaming users.

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