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Re: debian-specific machine cloning

Dale E Martin, Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 10:26:11AM -0500: 
> (No need to Cc me, btw.)
> If I did that, I would get whatever was current on whatever apt sources I
> was using.  For example, download.kde.org has a newer version of KDE 3 than
> I have on the golden machine.  I've hand backported a bunch of stuff (like
> kopete) that won't necessarily work with a newer KDE.  (My experience is
> that it won't work, in fact.)  Hence my thought about using "dpkg-repack"
> to regenerate what the golden machine has back into packages for use on the
> other machines to use.  Then a good old-fashioned "dpkg --install *.deb" or
> "dpkg -iGROEB" to either install everything or upgrade everything from
> stable.

How we solve this problem:

We have a local archive of backported packages and homegrown packages,
and our sources.list has this archive as well as woody.  apt/preferences
is configured appropriately.

We use equivs to build a metapackage which has all of the correct version
information for the debs (which dpkg --get-selections does not give you).
grep-dctrl is your friend.

We then install the metapackage on a freshly fai'ed machine and, viola!

I think Progeny has commerical tools/support for doing this kind of


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