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Re: FreeBSD/ Redhat / Debian

On Tue, Jan 20, 2004 at 01:56:08AM +0200, Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
>Hi , I want to learn about Web Server Performans .. 
>Because I tested ext3/jrn with redhat ( Debian use ext3 too ) and compare it
>with UFS/Softupdate , at this moment I saw that ufs/SoftUpdate is working
>more faster then ext3/jrn . 

These are advanced benchmarks and the difference will
depend mostly on how you do your setup, partitions, kernel
configurations, etc. eg xfs raw (sp?) mode is real fast but
maybe it's not what you need, there are lots of fs choices,
if you want softupdates, maybe you don't need journaling

Same for apache and smtp. Sure some apps may run better on
one OS kernel vs the other; but a bang for buck comparison
will cost more in evaluation time and hardware than you will
save, unless you are deploying a _lot_ of servers _and_ you
already know what parameters/software you need to tune them

really, the biggest factors for making a choice are
administration preference, security philosophy, available
software, and culture -- the 'Unix' technical specs will be
pretty close.

// George

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