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RE: FreeBSD/ Redhat / Debian

Hi , I want to learn about Web Server Performans .. 

Because I tested ext3/jrn with redhat ( Debian use ext3 too ) and compare it
with UFS/Softupdate , at this moment I saw that ufs/SoftUpdate is working
more faster then ext3/jrn . 

Now I wonder only Web Server Perfomans of Debain ?! I'm checking netcraft I
could see too many FreeBSD and Linux machine which are have greate uptime
and answer response but I can find any information too much linux for which
distribuiton . 

I want to ask What is the end of Debain Does is it like RedHat ?! 

Thanks Again 

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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 12:30 AM
Subject: Re: FreeBSD/ Redhat / Debian

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 09:58:48PM +0200, Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
> Hi Everybody , 
> 	I will be new user of Debian. For quick tour I want to learn and I
> want to get your advise about Comparing other OS with Debian . 

This sort of question is better on the debian user mailing list

Red Hat - one of the longest established commercial distributions.

Widespread - well known.  Versions of Red Hat earlier than 8.0
are now at their end of life: Red Hat 9.0 will follow them to end of
life in April 2004.  This distribution now concentrates on the 
enterprise market. [Red Hat Advanced Server 3.0 in various versions]

Fedora is a project spun off from Red Hat.  This is the new distribution
intended for hobbyists and developers.  Changes made here may find their
way into the enterprise edition later.

Red Hat uses .rpm as its package format.

FreeBSD - long established. The BSD heritage is the basis of many 
mainstream versions of UNIX.  Different from Linux - not necessarily
better or worse, just different :)

Debian - free software, produced by non-commercial volunteers.  Well 
known. Uses .deb as its package format.  Noted feature: easy to upgrade
between releases.  Hard feature: the initial installation process.

> 	Do you have any link about some test with Debian and athor OS, 
> Please share you exprience with me .. 
Each of the above has strengths and weaknesses. What sort of things
do you need to know?


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