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Re: Announce: Domain Technologie Control 0.12.0 R1

* Thomas GOIRAND schrieb am 14.01.04 um 05:13 Uhr:
> Hi !
> For nearly one year, I've made a software called Domain Technologie Control.
> It's a hosting web GUI for admin and accounting apache, named, proftpd, and
> qmail.  DTC is made of PHP scripts and a web interface that manage a MySQL
> database that handles all the host information. It generates backup scripts,
> statistic calculation scripts, and config files for bind, Apache, qmail, and
> proftpd, using a single system UID/GID. With DTC, you can delegate the task
> of creating subdomains, email, and FTP accounts to users for the domain
> names they own, and monitor bandwidth per user and service.
> It's already in 5 language, fully skinable, and totaly automated.

Yeah! Sounds like this rules! I've been looking for something like
this. Manymany thanks in advance! Is the software plugin'able?

I am using exim, so if this is not too tricky I would propbaly like to write an
exim plugin for DTC.


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