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Internet per Satelit in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan


I know only the ISP Tiscali which offer Internet access via satelit, 
but only for Europe and the West-Turkey.

Does anyone know an ISP, which offer Internet access via satelit in 
the region East-Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and later Afghanistan ?

My problem is, that the project is mobil in "Containers" (7,15x3x2,5m) 
which can be deplaced with Standard-Trucks. 

The project has 4 "Containers" and the Truck, so I need an ISP which 
give me minimal 5 fixed IP's. The connection must be Bi-Directional. 

The Truck needs only 64/64 kBit, and three "Containers" 256/64kBit, 
but the fourth one a UP-Stream of minimal 256kBit.

Thanks for help

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