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Re: Considering Debian (currently using Red Hat)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for all your thoughts on this topic. Over the past several days, I've received so many replies to the list and individually that I've given up on discussing each one with the author :-)

I think it's fair to say that we're approaching this problem of swtching from Red Hat to something else with a strong bias towards whatever *I* prefer, and I started this search off with a mild bias towards Debian. Based on all I'm reading from you guys, it seems like it's incorporating all the characteristics we really need from a server OS. While Red Hat and all its friends are going the way of market competition and fuzzy-tinglies when you open the box for the first time (and get to play with 10,000 new widgets and gadgets and the latest! greatest! versions of everything), Debian is sticking to the tranditional UNIX roots of "just working."

From a business perspective, it's clear to me that we make more money from the folks we never anything from than the folks who are constantly requesting the newest version of this or that. We lose less money maintaing stable versions than we do in testing new versions, deploying them, and then fixing the problems they introduce. The Stable branch of Debian seems to address these two issues very nicely!

Again, thanks to everyone who responded both to the list as well as to me personally!

   -Fred Whipple

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