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Re: Problem with rare cases where browser seems to use HTTP 1.0 instead of 1.1

> Given that you stated that two clients on different ISPs have the same
> at the same time it seems to eliminate the possibility of a proxy.
> The chance of two windows machines independently having the same bug at
> same time seems rather low, so it seems likely to be the server at
fault.  I
> suggest writing a script to use wget (or some similar tool) to
repeatedly get
> the page in question and archive the results.  Try and reproduce it on a
> Linux machine.

In addition to Russell's suggestion, try disabling the various mod_* in
httpd.conf, as it has been known that some that fiddle with the headers
and such can mess things up. So try to disable most, if not all, then
enable half, etc. until you find the module that might be causing this.

And disable the bit about it making exceptions for IE keepalive... just
comment it all out, and see how it goes. Just eliminate everything, and
slowly re-enable stuff. That might be it.

Also keep in mind some dumb ISPs "claim" to give you a straight
connection, but are secretly proxying things without your knowledge. Check
theheaders and see if it passes through any proxies. Try putting http on a
different port like 1122 (random number) and see if it works, as proxies
almost always attach to port 80.

Hope that helps.


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