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Problem with rare cases where browser seems to use HTTP 1.0 instead of 1.1


I was recently pointed to some rare problems where people (from time 
to time) are unable to access their websites. They don't get the 
content for their website but the content of the "default host". I'm 
using name-based virtual hosting (requiring HTTP 1.1) which normally 
is no problem afaik today and widely used.

>From the logs I can confirm that his requests come in with HTTP/1.0 
instead of 1.1 - which is the main root of the problem why he does 
get the wrong website content returned.

My question is just: Why does the browser (MS IE 6.0, Windows 98, 
...) query the Apache 1.3.28-server with HTTP 1.0? It occurs only 
under rare and non-reproducable circumstances but "from time to 
time". When the problem occurs it's possible to reproduce the problem 
for some time and after a few minutes it's gone again.

When the problem occurs on PC1, it's at the same time reproduceable 
on my PC as well. After a few minutes the problem is gone. But on 
both PCs I have IE 6.0 with latest patches applied.

Did anybody experience such problems? What could be the root for 
these? Apache? IE 6.0? Or a combination of both? I'd be much happier 
if I was able to reproduce the problem when I want - not just "rare 
circumstances" under which the problem occurs :-(((

Begging for help. Yours sincerely,
 Stefan Neufeind

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