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Re: Creating custom, automated, Debian installs.

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 09:47:18PM +0200, Markus Oswald wrote:

> Not really answering your question about mass-installing Debian but
> suggesting another solution/approach:

> Did you take a look at Gibraltar Linux (www.gibraltar.at)? It's a Debian
> GNU/Linux based Firewall-Distribution which will boot straight off the
> CD - should be ideal for your application as many encryption tools and
> kernel-patches are already applied to the stock-ISO.

  I didn't see that no, so thanks for the link.

  I'm downloading the ISO now, but I'm a little put of to see that it's
 going to be a commercial offering.  I'm keen to stick to free software
 especially considering the most important components are going to be

  (I do appreciate the effort it must take to do the integration and
 bundling, not to mention testing.  But I know that if I start
 suggesting a paid distribution I'll get bounced back to being told
 to use WatchGaurd Fireboxes or similar ..)

  I've just been playing with PGI the Progency installer and I'm
 thinking that might be enough to do the installs...


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