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Re: Creating custom, automated, Debian installs.

Am Mon, 2003-10-20 um 19.25 schrieb Steve Kemp:
>   I think I want to trim down the installer such that I don't have to
>  answer so many questions, and just input basic information like
>  hostname, etc.
>   Any pointers appreciated - I wasn't sure this is the best list but
>  I assume any large ISP has some means of automated install and rollout
>  of server machines.  Apologies if this isn't the case .. 

Not really answering your question about mass-installing Debian but
suggesting another solution/approach:
Did you take a look at Gibraltar Linux (www.gibraltar.at)? It's a Debian
GNU/Linux based Firewall-Distribution which will boot straight off the
CD - should be ideal for your application as many encryption tools and
kernel-patches are already applied to the stock-ISO.

best regards,
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