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Creating custom, automated, Debian installs.

  I'm looking at putting together a large number of VPN servers,
 running IPSEC and PPTPD (purely for the Windows 98 machines I have
 to allow onto the network).

  What I'd like to do is create a cut down installation based upon
 the stock Debian install, but including a new kernel image to support
 the kernel-patch-mppe and kernel-patch-freeswan.

  Along with that I've got some different package requirements,
 sudo, screen, debian-updates, etc all installed as part of the basic 
 install and no need for any XServer components.

  What should be my way forward?  Would FAI work best or should I
 look at some scheme for creating a new release ISO instead?

  I think I want to trim down the installer such that I don't have to
 answer so many questions, and just input basic information like
 hostname, etc.

  Any pointers appreciated - I wasn't sure this is the best list but
 I assume any large ISP has some means of automated install and rollout
 of server machines.  Apologies if this isn't the case .. 

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