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Re: Sugesstions building a rather big mail system.

On [031006 16:55] Theodore Knab <tjk@annapolislinux.org> wrote:
> How many servers do you have running this ?
> >I have been approached about building a rather big mail system handling
> >500.0000 existing accounts (running today on a windows based product (ick))
> >with a growth about 50.000 new accounts per year.
> >The services needed is: smtp, pop3, imap4. 
> >I have used LVS for about 3y with good results for 30.000 accounts. 
> >But this is certainly a bigger project. Should I go for alteon or any other
> >closed product or stick with LVS?
> >Is there anyone on the list running such a system or have some comments about 
> >building such a system? (I do prefer to use OS/FS Software)
> Sounds like you have a fun project.

Yeah! :)

> 	Postfix [with LDAP] MTA
> 	Courier [with LDAP] IMAP
> 	OpenLDAP [ mail routing and accounts]

This is probably what I will use.

> 2 [Fiber Channel] SAN Volumes for [MAIL storage] redundancy. 
> </Crude Diagram>

Do you have any experience with Linux and SAN? Is it possible to use a shared
storage for the mailspools? I did some research some time ago (+1y) and found 
it not so mature and went for NFS instead (not nice
but it works pretty good.) But I don't feel like it  will hold up for the 
load of the new system plus I have a mush larger budget this time.

 .''`. Fredrik, stone@debian.org
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