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Re: yahoo problems please help

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 23:14, Patricia Fuchs wrote:
> hi.  I am a yahoo user.  I have been experiencing problems with my
> yahoo account.  Ex.  Everyday I am having to change my password b/c it
> doesn't recognize it after 24 hrs.  Why?  can you help me?
You're probably looking in the wrong place for this sort of help - you
might get lucky and find somebody who's feeling generous, but this list
isn't for user support of anything, never mind Yahoo's service.

You'd be best having a look on the help pages at Yahoo to see if you can
find a technical support address there.

> ______________________________________________________________________
> Do you Yahoo!?
No - hence not being able to help much.
Jon    ^^^
      (0 0) jellybob.co.uk

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