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Debian and Commercial Webhosting software

Hello List,

I apoligise in advance if this is off topic.

I am currently researching the possibilty of setting up a hosting
environment (about 50+ mixed database and email domains) that will allow
users to manage their own domains (just mail/quotas/webmail accounts
etc...) AND (heres the catch) a admin/reseller area for some of my other
non-linux/CLI savy collegues to create new sites and accounts. Both
facilities would be probably through a web interface.

Now I have looked (briefly) at plesk, cpanel, h-sphere and ensim hosting
solutions, but none of these seem to be supported under debian! All
these commercial solutions require redhat or BSD (cpanel have a beta for
woody, but i need something rock solid). All of these commercial
solutions seem to have pitfalls somewhere too, I would like something
that runs in an load-balance environment with postgres db support, both
of which are not well supported by these commercial hosting software

My questions is, since your all debian users (and my prefered platform
for this type of setup), what are you people on this list using for your
web hosting environments? Is there another viable solution apart from
building my own interface that im missing? (I shouldnt even be
considering that!). I have looked at webmin, but im not sure if it will
perform in this type of environment, and looks like it will require a
fair bit of customisation that may prove just as time consuming as
making my own :)

I appreciate any feedback.



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