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Re: Partitioning a Web Server

hello Tomàs, 

Am 10:15 2003-04-03 +0200 hat Tomàs Núñez Lirola geschrieben:
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>I disagree.
>If no user can fill up the disk, logs can. At least I'd put /var/log in a 

I agree, because for some years I have had a problem with some Gigs of Logs.

>different partition, but anyway I'd partition the disk just in case quota 
>systems fail. I think it's not a good idea to trust on ftp and mail servers 
>to manage quota (some bug or some human misconfiguration can turn it down). 
>I'd trust on kernel quota... but it does not give me the same security as 
>partitioning does.

Questio:        I like to offer a  new service where Clients can get a 
                virtualhost with 250 MBytes. 

                Hmmm, If I like to protect Clients, - 

                How many Partitions can I make ???

                I mean, Each Client has 250 Mbyte DiskSpace for ftp, 
                http, mail and LOGS and can not use more !!!

                But 200-300 partitions on ONE DISK ???


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