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AW: 400 000 mails in 12 Hours


> Hi all ! 
> I have the task of setting up a mailserver capabel of sending 
> 400 000 mail in a max time of 12 hours. 
> All mails have an attachment of 1 mb. The system should be a 
> mailer for a newsletter system. As I made quite a couple of 
> things with postfix, my concern is the amount and 
> considerations which have to be made when handling such an amount. 

If it is a unpersonalized mail (e.g. no "Dear Joe Doe" but "Dear Friend ;)
and many addresses in the To/Cc/Bcc-field, Exim might be a resonable choice, 
as it batches deliveries and uses one connection for a bunch of mails to one 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Michael Kaiser
HDI V.a.G.           
Zentrale Systemtechnik / ZIVP3
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30659 Hannover
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