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AW: 400 000 mails in 12 Hours

Hi all ! 
Thanks very much, for all the help. As soon as the project starts, 
and we have accomplished the task; I´ll let you know how we did it. 

Thanks very much 

>If you cannot find a solution to your mail delivery challenge 
>using commodity MTAs such as postfix, my company has an opt-in 
>mail delivery service which can meet your needs if you want to 
>outsource.  Obviously there would be bandwidth, etc. costs 
>involved, which would depend largely upon the total number of 
>recipients you have, concentration of recipients on domains 
>with aggressive "spam" filters (e.g. aol.com) that require 
>messages to be individually delivered, etc; and how often you 
>need to send these messages with large attachments.
>I hope your commodity solution pans out, but if you need to go 
>to the expense of outsourcing, our company has custom delivery 
>software that can most certainly meet your needs.  We have 
>plenty of transit available to meet the lofty 100Mbit/sec 
>projection that another debian-isp poster made based on 100% 
>individual deliveries, as well.
>Jeff S Wheeler <jsw@five-elements.com>
>On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 06:10, debian-isp wrote:
>> Hi all !
>> I have the task of setting up a mailserver capabel of 
>sending 400 000 mail in a max time of 12 hours. 
>> All mails have an attachment of 1 mb. The system should be a 
>mailer for a newsletter system. As I made quite a couple of 
>things with postfix, my concern is the amount and 
>considerations which have to be made when handling such an amount. 

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