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Re: 400 000 mails in 12 Hours

Jean-Francois Dive wrote:
That's interesting:

400.000 email in 12 hours = 9 mail a second sent.
which means 9Mbytes of data per seconds, assuming that you ahve a pipe
of at least 1Mbyte (8Mbit) to each remote end server, which you obviously wont... This means too that you'll need 72Mbit at least of raw
bandwith just to sustain the traffic.  Now to take more real world
values, that's means that the number of email on the fly needs to
increase as the remote server bandwith will the bottle neck. Some
interesting mail server tests, look at postal test program and results,
and i'm sure Russel Coker will comment on this. Just a thought too: as
you have only one file to send, ramFS it. I dont know if any of the
MTA's support sendfile() but it'd be interesting to see the gain brought
by the decrease of context switching (using sendfile) instead of
read(fileh), write(socket), which may means more concurent connections.

We can say that SMTP has an overhead of about 30%, so you need a 100MBit
connection at least. Probably that isn't the problem.

If you use the system only to send this one mail you could think about
mqueue on ramdisk or so which will increase your performance slightly.

All of this without the mail to resend etc..etc..

The consideration: remove the attachement and send it as a link to
download (which is most of the time prefered by users especially when
they read their email by modem and receive a 1 meg mail), then the
figure looks better to me... This however could be against



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