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Re: 400 000 mails in 12 Hours

Amen.  Thank you!!

Randy Kramer

And, you did allude to this but I'd like to state it explicitly -- if 
that I MB is that big because it is HTML, a Word .doc, or something 
else that uses a lot of space without adding content, convert it to 
plain text, and still put it on a website instead of mailing it.

On Friday 28 February 2003 04:09 am, I. Forbes wrote:
> I have a problem with this.
> I cannot imagine any scenario which would justify sending out 400 000
> e-mails with a 1Mb attachment. The chaos that this will cause to your
> recipients and the ISP's that host their e-mail will be very
> significant. You are likely to find yourself subject to many
> complaints, and a listing on "Spamcop" is a distinct possibility.
> So before you look at the technicalities of sending the e-mail
> server, try and answer the following first:
> -   Have all 400 000 people indicated their willingness to receive
> this
>     e-mail? I can't believe they are employees of an organization,
> and
>     even if they are clients of a bank or insurance company, it does
> not
>     mean they would all be happy to get your e-mail.
> -   Does the attachment have to be 1 Mb? Unless it contains essential
>     graphs or maps, it should be possible to make is smaller. 1 Mb of
>     text can hold a very large amount of information.
> -   Would it not be better to distribute the file from a web site or
> ftp
>     site, and e-mail a link from where it could be downloaded?
> I manage an e-mail list on behalf of a club. There are about 100
> paying members on the list which is used to distribute a news letter
> about once a month. Some members are keen to see some pictures in the
> news letter - which obviously adds to it's size. If the file size is
> held at 500 to 700 kb it usually goes through without problems. If
> the file size exceeds 1 mB we have had up to 30% bounces, complaints
> and a variety of other problems. Every issue I have to negotiate with
> the editor to get the size reduced! (This is the size of the file
> that gets attached, the e-mail is significantly bigger.)
> Good Luck
> Ian
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