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Virtual hosting solutions

Hi folks

I'm currently in the need of a complete virtual hosting solution. I'm
seeking something with as few administration overhead as possible (I'm
lazy and this is going to be a private service, nothing commercial, I
don't get paid, so we need to reduce work ;) and as featurerich as

What it needs to have:
- support for dns, http, pop, imap (encrypted companions as well), smtp
  auth (important), webmail
- maybe cvs
- command line tools to check/debug/add things would be nice
- webfrontend for each domain (so the people can configure mail aliases
  themselves, and ftp accounts if they need)

I'm completely independent in the backend choice, but I think it will
scale down to either LDAP, mysql or pgsql. Anyone can give some hints what
backend has which advantages and disadvantages? There will be a max of
50-70 domains, so it does not need to be hyperperformant, all services
also run on one system.

Any hints, URLS or tools are welcome. Any comments and experience reports
are very welcome :)

Oh, and btw, there isn't any complete virtual hosting solution in debian,
maybe it's time to change that. Building such a system by just installing
one package might be very tempting to switch to debian as the first server
choice for people who haven't done so yet :-)

MfG/Regards, Alexander

Alexander Reelsen   Seeking for a job as Linuxdeveloper & administrator
ref@tretmine.org    http://tretmine.org

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