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Re: Virtual hosting solutions

Hello List,

> I'm currently in the need of a complete virtual hosting solution.

Confixx could do the Job. The only Service it does not have is imap.
The mailuser it creates don't have a shell, so they have no space to store
the folders.

> I'm completely independent in the backend choice, but I think it will
> scale down to either LDAP, mysql or pgsql. Anyone can give some hints what
> backend has which advantages and disadvantages?

It uses MySQL or pgsql as backend and handels even 1000 Domains easily.

> Any hints, URLS or tools are welcome. Any comments and experience reports
> are very welcome :)


When this all sounds good, here comes the worse part: it's not free :(
If someone knows a free System that runs nice and can handle resellers, i'm
very interested.

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