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Re: debian friendly unmanaged hosting joints?

Hello All,

As the original poster, I should have said if you provide these services
email me off-list. But I forgot. But thanks for the range of responses!

I have gotten excellent suggestions at a range of service/price points,
from this list and elsewhere. We are chewing through them all and will
make a decision soon. Note we weren't after colocation due to the hassle
and expense of shipping a box to unknown overseas location X, but we do
intend to be offshore from where we are due to the "meter running"
exhorbitant nature of local bandwidth charges, compared to elsewhere. We
already have excellent backup servers at a reasonable rate that have
been shown to be reliable, but they are Redhat based and we want the
main servers located elsewhere anyway.

As a Redhat fan of 6 years before converting entirely to Debian last
year the Redhat-centric ness of the "commodity" hosting market is a bit
annoying, but then it is cool that Linux has become the baseline
commodity of the hosting market. 

Mentioning Debian on web pages of ISPs that support it is a positive
thing as it indicates (IMHO) the software is likely to be well
maintained, and a technical attention to detail.. 

Duncan Robertson                  duncan@minihub.org
Chief Technician                   (+61)412117159
Minihub Communications Inc.    http://www.minihub.org/

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