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AW: Bandwidth monitoring

>> When installing servers in a colocated environment what do people
>> suggest for monitoring bandwidth used by virtual hosts on
>that server?
>You can try modlogan (http://www.modlogan.org/), we are using
>it for IIS,
>Apache(clf) and Proftpd logs.

Hm looks like a mixture of webalizer http://webalizer.org/ or awstats http://awstats.sourceforge.net/

For me it would be interessting how I can monitor traffic per 
Ip Adress reliably ( I tried ipacsum ) and graph the data;
I gues it is only possible by assinging each customer a seperate 
IP address and then .. What do you use ?

Nik Engel

Nik Engel                     NETWAYS GmbH
Senior Systems Engineer       Deutschherrnstr. 47a
Fon.0911/92885-13             D-90429 Nürnberg
nengel@netways.de             www.netways.de 

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