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Re: Easy trouble ticket system?

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 11:39:36PM +0100, Thomas Lamy wrote:
> can anybody recommend a simple (to set up and maintain) TTS for ISP use?
> We want to
> - auto-assign ticket ids to incoming support requests (by mail or web form)
> - assign tickets to individuals or groups
> - have a simple ticket report system (where customers can look up the state
> of their ticket)
> I looked into phpgroupware (didn't like it for many reasons) and
> request-tracker (failed dependencies in stable/testing, and seems too
> bloated).

Go with request tracker, although, it is not the easiest thing to set
up (i guarantee your head will be spinning once you start =), but it is
the best one there is.

Not too long ago we had a quest for a TTS, and we went through open
source and commercial products and even though there was pretty good
other products out there, request tracker took the lead. Mostly because
the features that were in the commercial products and were missing in
RT, were not worth paying several hunreds of dollards..

only viable competition on open source side was OTRS (otrs.org), but it
was looked harder to use (from a non techie point of view) and it had a
confusing UI (still, i'm not saying RT can't be confusing =)

Go with RT my son. =)

 -- Sami

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