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Fwd: Re: Lots of annouying sysquery messages

The logging entries are in the named.conf according to lauchlin.

    Datum: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 21:13:08 +1100 (EST)
      Van: lauchlin@intas.net.au
Antwoorden aan:lauchlin@intas.net.au
 Onderwerp: Re: Lots of annouying sysquery messages
      Aan: robjeh@wanadoo.nl


you mean like having the following entry in my named.conf?

logging {
        category lame-servers { null; };
        category cname { null; };

Yep..already tried that one...interestingly tho...since I posted that
message the entries seemed to have stopped....maybe someowne saw it, took
notice, and actualy fixed something somewhere outside of my control :-)

Cheers for the rtfm suggestion tho....I swear I did try to tho! :-)  I was
more interested in trying to figure out what exactly was causing the look
ups to happen in the first place rather than just ignore them....but now
they are gone so too late...thanks for responfing anyway.


> Hi lauchlin,
> if you want to configure the logging options under bind you can read the
> manual
> of named.conf ( man named.conf ). I guess its like logging-options { lame-
> servers none; ) If you need more help about bind just reply i will be home
> @
> 7.00 GTM+1 and i can paste the config options you need when i'm home :)
> Goodluck :)
> Citeren Lauchlin Wilkinson <lauchlin_list@intas.net.au>:
>> Hi,
>> not 100% debian related I know but for the last few days I've been
>> getting alot of the following messages in my syslog:
>> named[18287]: sysquery: query(ns2.requestedhosting.com) All possible A
>> RR's lame
>> Now, I know it is normal to get this kind of message every now and then
>> for a daomin where all the name servers are lame but but I am getting
>> this in my logs up to 60 times an hour....for the past 3 days!
>> Is there any way of traceing back the query to which process is or
>> daemon might be generating this query?  FYI I deny recursive queries.
>> The box runs smtp, pop, imap, and www service.
>> Cheers,
>> Lauchlin
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