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Re: PHP using suexec

My experience with PHP and suexec was less than favorable.  It is a
requirement for me that different virtual hosts have different PHP admin
settings (some sites don't need globals, some do).  I haven't found a
way to accomplish this virtual host dependent configuration using PHP in
CGI mode.  Since PHP+suexec needs to run in CGI mode, my virtual host
configs wouldn't apply.  I'm guessing that with Suexec enabled, I can
disable safe_mode and globals across the board and not significantly
lower my host security, though I would like to use the layered method
of security if possible.

However, there seems to be a patch to Apache which would fix this.
Also, I hear Apache 2.0 does something like suexec does natively.
So my question is: Are you running in CGI mode, or did you patch Apache?
I would greatly appreciate any other comments you think are related.


On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 10:25:52AM -0700, Vector wrote:
> I am running them both and have not yet had performance problems.  I stress
> tested the server before putting it into production and performance was
> acceptable so I went ahead with it.  I don't remember what the metrics were
> now it's been too long.   suexec is particularly handy if you have multiple
> vhosts or have user home directories that are cgi-enabled so you can keep
> the users and their programs honest.

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