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Re: PHP using suexec

I am running them both and have not yet had performance problems.  I stress
tested the server before putting it into production and performance was
acceptable so I went ahead with it.  I don't remember what the metrics were
now it's been too long.   suexec is particularly handy if you have multiple
vhosts or have user home directories that are cgi-enabled so you can keep
the users and their programs honest.


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Subject: PHP using suexec

> Hello list,
> Has anyone experiences running PHP using suexec? All doku's are telling
> should not be use to keep the Performance of the Server up,
> but is this still true for a today's dual XEON Machine? I need to feed
> 1,5 Million hits a day, around 300000 hits request .php files.
> ta@domainbox.de
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