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Re: Consolidating user databases

I would say what you need is an ldap directory. The only thing I'm not
sure on is if ldap and exchange work together (I'm sure they would).
It definetly works with Samba and samba can do the domain login stuff as a
side product.

Debian package:
slapd - OpenLDAP server (slapd).

Hope this helps..

Brad Lay (brad@coombabah.net)

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On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Simon Bland wrote:

> I've just changed companies that I work for, and the new place is a real
> mess.. One of the first things I want to do is to tie together all the
> user stuff that's floating around.
> ATM the systems are very roughly tied together with systems to create
> users at places trigger by usage of others, I'd like to have one user
> record per user. The main systems running are:
> Exchange 5.5
> Samba
> NT Workstations
> They've got a couple of Linux boxes, but most of the staff don't
> have/need access to them. I'm slowly starting to transfer each of their
> systems over to Debian (from a mix of Unixware, BSD, RedHat, Mandrake
> and 1 Debian that was there to start with).
> So what I'm looking for is something that works with Exchange 5.5,
> Linux, Samba and for the NT user profiles to bring it down to 1 user
> database.
> Any suggestions, or directions to look into for this?
> Thanks.

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