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Re: Email Server Q.

[ I don't subscribe to debian-isp (yet), but a friend sent me
  a copy of your E-Mail ]

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 12:22:16PM +0200, Konstantin Kostadinov wrote:
> Postfix+amavis+spamassassin+pop3+ssl work on package-base system with friendly update.
> The problem is in testing.
> If some pack (perl,spamassasin,amavis) is go to upper versrion there is probability the system stop because the version packs incompatibility.
> Amavisd file edit is needet because there is: "The changelog says it was disabled because of error for some dependancies
> with perl 5.8 but in testing it is perl 5.6 (unlike unstable in 5.8)."

The latest version available online my private website (use the
following apt-get line) does have spamassassin support. However, there
is a bug with certain combinations of perl and spamassassin that could
cause problems with the signal handling. I think perl in stable is OK, but
the recommended fix is spamassassin 2.43+patch or 2.50.

deb http://www.microcomaustralia.com.au/debian/ stable main

Also note that currently I am working on packaging a new version of
amavisd-new that is completely different to the current version. For the
newest version of amavis (now renamed amavisd-new):

deb http://www.microcomaustralia.com.au/debian/ unstable main

(note: I made no guarantees there will be a clean upgrade from
this version; I am still discussing these details with Henrique
who has volunteered to help with the packaging efforts).

Hope this helps.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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