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Re: Email Server Q.


I am also realy interested in having a clean mail setup,
my reqirements are
that each user can configure the spam/virus filtering!!

> search engines and what ? well there is no good package-based solution
> for woody for email server on postfix, antivirus, spamassasin ?

It is something of a moving target as there is no real solution
to the spam problem, only some evolving comprimizes

> Yes but this way in my opinion is unacceptable for production system.
> Production system needs update ? and if i build half of the components
> on-hand update will be very interesting point. 

You can help by giving the developers feedback.
If your problems and solutions are relevant to the community
they could end up improving the packages.

It is posible that there should be a "meta" package that would
help configure the tools to work together.

> So i migrate from stable/woody to testing.
> Install postfix-packs,corurier-pop-ssl,amavis-new,spamassasin.
> probability the system stop because the version packs incompatibility.

Someone has to do the testing :-)
It is important work.
The ones that do the testing do have the oppertunity
to also give feedback on functionality.

I run one server with unstable and one with testing 
to learn about new things and possibly to give feedback
(I should do more of that).
Then I also have a woody server with a few
testing / unstable packages.

So at least I am ready to start using the stuff
when it becomes stable.

> Sorry if my words sounds cheekily.
and my spelling :-)


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