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Re: cybercafe management software - me too ;-))


On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 17:06, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello Keegan,
> Am 11:24 2002-12-18 -0800 hat Keegan Quinn geschrieben:
>  > The GNU Accounting utilities `ac', `accton', `last', `lastcomm', and
>  > `sa' add login and process accounting support to Debian GNU/Linux.
> The ohter thing is, that acct fails, if the user open more then one
> virtual console... the time count twice. I need only the time from
> the first login to the close of the last console.

Maybe "sac" will do it for you, it allows to take care for overlapping
logins of the same user.

However, you said something about prepaying.  Doesn't that mean you'll
kick out the user of the session if s/he does not close first, or pay
for a prolongation?

This could be done with an "at" job running "slay user" for example.

Best Regards,


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