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Re: cybercafe management software - me too ;-))

Hello Keegan,

Am 11:24 2002-12-18 -0800 hat Keegan Quinn geschrieben:
>Hello Michelle,

>I think this is what you are looking for.
>Package: acct

> The GNU Accounting utilities `ac', `accton', `last', `lastcomm', and
> `sa' add login and process accounting support to Debian GNU/Linux.
> "Login accounting" provides summaries of system resource usage based
> on connect time, and "process accounting" provides summaries based on
> the commands executed on the system. The 'last' command is provided by
> the Debian sysvinit package and not included here.
> - Keegan

Yes, I know it, but it must run on each Workstation... which have
NO LOCAL users. Users are authenticated by NIS, which is installed
on the nfs-server (with all the /home directories)

My problem is, that I do not know, how I can get the results after
closing the session from the workstations to my sql-Server...

The ohter thing is, that acct fails, if the user open more then one
virtual console... the time count twice. I need only the time from
the first login to the close of the last console.

I was thinking, that there is a tool which control the nfs-server
and count the time, a user directory is conected to a workstation.

The nfs-server is mounted from the /etc/fstab with

cc-nfs.michelle-is.de:/home    /home    nfs    defaults    0   2


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