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debian mirror from cd set ... not yet.

background ...

I'm trying to have a local debian mirror build from my
cd sets in my LAN for various debian servers

I already copy all the debs from the cds in my
/var/www/debian location to be ready to use for http
instalation, I tried to build de Packages file using

dpkg-scanpackages needs some arguments like binary
path, exclusion file ... i build a Packages file using

dpkg-scanpackages /var/www/debian /var/www/debian >

is this correct ? ... is the binary path
/var/www/debian ? I'm not following well the man
dpkg-scanpackages indications, so any clues would be

After that, when I tried to do the instalation it
asked me about a Release file, how can I buil this
release file ? ... I'm not usin apt-proxy because I
wont be connected (updated wor a while) and in the
main server an apt-get autoclean was made.

any advices ? ... any easier way ? ...


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