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binding ntpd to a particular address...


I have an ntp server or two running on hosts using ip aliases dedicated to
the ntp service. The problem is the ntpd is not responding on the same
interface/alias that it recieves queries on. This means clients are not happy;

$ sudo ntpdate -d -b -s ntp.melb.apana.org.au
receive: server not found
receive: server not found

note that the address is eth0:1, and is eth0 on
the same host.

Is it a reportable bug that ntpd does not respond from the interface the
query was recieved on? Is there any way to get ntpd to bind to a particular
interface/alias, or the specify it's outgoing address? 

If not, any hints as to how to resolve this? I don't want to make the
ntp.melb.apana.org.au IP address eth0 if I can avoid it.

I have a feeling I might be able to do some scary iproute2 stuff to route
outgoing udp from the ntp port via the ntp.mel.apana.org.au alias... but
there must be an easier way.

ABO: finger abo@minkirri.apana.org.au for more info, including pgp key

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