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Re: how to see 14 disks

you need to MAKEDEV the extra drive letters I suspect. I ran into this on my 
scsi array.


Linux will only see to /dev/sdh by default, to go past this,

cd /dev then ./MAKEDEV sdi then reboot. fdisk should now work.



On Wed, 04 Dec 2002 21:12, Nate Campi wrote:
> For years I've been using hardware raid on compaq smart2 cards to handle
> hosts with 10-20 disks. The firmware presents each volume as a device to
> the OS so there's usually only a couple "disks" from linux's point of
> view.
> Now I have an aic7xxx card hooked straight up to an array with 14 disks
> in it. Linux only sees the first 8. There's apparently only 128 device
> nodes available for SCSI and all the possible partitions on each disk
> is allowing for only my first 8 disks.
> It seems that you might be able to re-create the dev filesystem and only
> use the device nodes you need. Each of my disks (that I can fdisk
> anyways) has only a single linux raid autodetect partition on it. The
> kernel certainly has enough nodes for this setup.
> Is there a way to get Linux (2.4.18-686-smp kernel) to see all the
> disks?
> I don't want some patch like
> <URL:http://www.suse.de/~garloff/linux/scsi-many/> since I run debian
> kernels.

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