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how to see 14 disks

For years I've been using hardware raid on compaq smart2 cards to handle
hosts with 10-20 disks. The firmware presents each volume as a device to
the OS so there's usually only a couple "disks" from linux's point of

Now I have an aic7xxx card hooked straight up to an array with 14 disks
in it. Linux only sees the first 8. There's apparently only 128 device
nodes available for SCSI and all the possible partitions on each disk
is allowing for only my first 8 disks.

It seems that you might be able to re-create the dev filesystem and only
use the device nodes you need. Each of my disks (that I can fdisk
anyways) has only a single linux raid autodetect partition on it. The
kernel certainly has enough nodes for this setup.

Is there a way to get Linux (2.4.18-686-smp kernel) to see all the

I don't want some patch like
<URL:http://www.suse.de/~garloff/linux/scsi-many/> since I run debian

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